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By Tadas Petrauskas
Visuals / Audio / DSP / Development / Research


AD – Femissi leggings

visual production and arrangement


Monsters Inc. – Audio rework

recording voice, sfx / score composition

Debussy – La fille aux cheveux (piano)

instrument recording


DSP engineer / React js developer

ARTVA is designed as a real time voice analysis tool to help patients and clinical voice professionals (speech therapists, audiologists, otolaryngologists etc.) monitor patient recovery progress as well as evaluate possible health issues whether it being polyps on vocal folds, Parkinsons, cancer, etc.

DSP engineer / iOS developer / researcher

The VoiceScreen app analyses voice and detects irregularities in voice quality.
The users’ voice is recorded and then analysed extracting six acoustic voice function parameters which are then weighted and merged together to provide the user with the Acoustic Voice Quality Index (AVQI) of his voice.


web development / design / product management

web development / product design


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